What is 3B Studios?

3B Studios is a small video production company that specializes in the reproduction of live performances on video, DVD, or web-based formats. 3B is headed by college grads of the electronic media realm. 3B is a cheap solution to meet the video needs of a wide range of clients - not just the reproduction of live performances.


How did 3B Studios get started?

Basically, 3B started as a bunch of friends that loved punk/hardcore/metal music and went to a bunch of shows. After a while, taping and editing shows became our passion. And oddly enough, after only a few shows, 3B got it's big break when it was chosen to produce the Furnace Fest 2002 DVD. What started off as a hobby, quickly turned into a career goal.


What does the '3B' stand for?

It stands for 'next question'.


How many people head 3B Studios?

Technically, 3B Studios is head by Marc Barbour, Donnie Martin, and Ryan Wilson. However, it is nearly impossible to run such a luxurious company with only three people. Taping involves many freelancers that are comprised of friends and interested videographers. Editing is done mainly by Donnie and Marc.


Where does 3B Studios operate out of?

Currently, we operate out of N. Illinois. However, this is temporary and a move out west is planned in the near future. Most taping ventures have taken place in Chicago, IL.


Will 3B work with genres outside of punk/hardcore/metal?

Of course. Everyone has a price, and we're cheap. Would 3B be interested in making fully produced music videos? That is our main goal. Of course.


Why are you guys so goddamn good?

Because someone has to be.


Will you guys go out with my hot, 18 year old, big breasted, younger sister?

Was O.J. guilty?....i mean, technically? (yes)